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Cage-Free Hong Kong

‘Cage-Free Hong Kong’ – the first ‘laying hen welfare’ movement in Hong Kong aiming to transition away from cage farming, ending the cruelty of confining laying hens in battery cages. Propel Hong Kong towards a city with higher animal welfare standards. We collaborate with corporations and initiatives, and conduct public education to support ethical consumption practices.

Egg-laying Chicken Farms:
Which farming system has better animal welfare?
Battery Cage ❌
Battery Cage.webp
Inhumane intensive farming, where hens are confined in small, dirty metal cages for their short lives, becomes egg-laying machines.
  • Crowded with many hens to produce the maximum number of eggs at the lowest cost
  • ⁠Each hen has less space than an A4 sheet of paper
  • Unable to express natural behaviors, such as stretching their wings
  • Beaks are trimmed to prevent feather pecking due to stress from poor conditions •⁠ Lack of exercise leads to very fragile bones
  • Lack of exercise leads to very fragile bones
  • Eggs are 35 times more likely to be contaminated with salmonella compared to free-range eggs
*Eggs without specified production methods are usually battery cage eggs, which make up the majority of eggs on the market.
Free-Range ⭐️ ⭐️
Free Range_Farm Transparency Project_000019687-cd5703028a3627cc00a7.webp
  • Allows hens to move around in an outdoor environment
  • Higher quality, more spacious environment
  • More nutritious than cage-free
  • Offers organic options
Cage-Free ⭐️
More than 35 countries worldwide have already or are in the process of phasing out battery cages, switching to more humane cage-free methods.
  • Indoor henhouses
  • Equipped with space and perches, allowing hens to express natural behaviors (such as nesting, walking, roosting, socializing, digging, and dust bathing)
  • ⁠Eggs produced are more nutritious than those from battery cages
  • Reduces food safety risks
Pasture-Raised ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Pasture Raise.webp
  • ⁠Hens live in a natural pasture environment, closer to their instinctive needs
  • More nutritious than eggs produced by other systems, containing high levels of vitamins A and D
  • Offers organic options
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Heidi Spurell, MSc, PG Dip, BEM
CEO, Founder
Food Systems Transformation
Future Green Global

As someone deeply committed to ethical practices, I support Cage-Free Hong Kong's mission to end the cruel use of battery cages. This campaign highlights our shared responsibility to create a kinder world for animals. At Future Green, we empower businesses to make compassionate choices through resources like our cage-free egg guide. Together, we can build a more humane and sustainable food system. Join us in making a real difference.

Wong Chi Wing.webp

Wong Chi Wing
Director, Food & Dietetic Department
Registered Dietitian (USA)
Hong Kong Adventist Hospital

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital proudly supports Cage-Free Hong Kong, aligning with our values of enhancing animal welfare standards, improving food safety, and promoting sustainable development. We are committed to sustainability and fulfilling our corporate social responsibility by using cage-free eggs on our patient menu. We recognize that animal welfare is an integral part of driving responsible supply chains in the food service industry.

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